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Dominica Dementia Friend Programme

This programme was adapted from Alzheimers Society UK. It was introduced to raise awareness of Dementia in Dominica.

Dementia Friend Champion have the opportunity to become an advocate for those with Dementia in Dominica.

Where to Run Sessions

Academic Institutions

Academic Institutions

You can create Dementia Friends in any level of education.

Organise a Dementia Session With Your Family


This can be done through a family gathering. It is an opportunity to inform your family members about Dementia

Clinics and Health Professionals


This would be beneficial for health professional such as geriatric doctors and caregivers in care homes

Governmental and Non Profit Organisations

Create Dementia Friends in other non profit organisations as well as in the private sector

Create Dementia Friends in corporate workplaces and individuals in the private sector

Organise a Dementia Session at Your Workplace


When you become a Dementia Friend Champion you will have an online portal that will provide you with the services relating to the type of session you want to conduct, these include business and corporate Dementia Sessions.