Supplies and Equipment 

Majority of our funds go to donating supplies to care homes and families with those who have Dementia. We also are looking to assistive technology to health facilities in Dominica to improve the livelihood for their patients. 


The Dementia Friend Programme is a volunteer scheme, however we need to pay to use venues to facilitate the Dementia sessions in Dominica. A percentage of our funds will go to accommodating for venues and transportation services. 

Events, Media and Campaigns 

We recently held a Time to Talk Day social media campaign, we normally use social media as our campaign outlet, however we do run campaigns in Dominica. We had a Dementia March in 2017 with a primary school in Dominica. We hold a number of activities and events for the general public as a way of raising funds.


One of our aims is to facilitate research, we did research on the perspectives of people in Dominica in relation to the needs of those who have Dementia in Dominica. This was presented at the Alzheimers Association International Conference in Excel London.